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Cosmetic Tattooing

Also known as micro-pigmentation or permanent makeup or semi permanent cosmetics.  It is a procedure of

 implanting coloured pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to create lasting cosmetic effects.  It can be

used for camouflaging imperfections such as discoloration or scarring, or simply to escape the daily

application required with traditional makeup routines by mimicking the appearance of real make up.  The

treatment will fade over time as new skin grows, and varies with age, skin type and lifestyle.  Maintenance

treatment will generally require repeating every 2 - 5 years. You have the option to softly enhance your

features or you can create a more dramatic effect.

About your Artist   

Client Testimonial

"Linda tattooed my eyeliner and my lips.  I could not be happier.  I wanted a natural more defined look and that is what I got. Linda works so gently and keeps you at ease and informed throughout the whole procedure.  I would recommend Linda to anybody, she is amazing." Vicki du Plooy

"Linda was absolutely amazing. She is very professional ,extremely talented. She is fussy about hygiene and cleanliness (which I feel is an extremely important quality for a tattooist). I had both upper and lower eyeliner done and left the appointment and went to the shops. I had no ugly swelling or anything else. One of my eyes was more sensitive than the other and Linda was calm , patient and gentle. My biggest compliment I received is that it looks completely natural (except that now I look like I have eyes!). I very rarely wear makeup and so for this to look natural is just perfect. I can't recommend Linda highly enough. Its a brilliant experience from start to finish. " 
Mathea Viles

Linda Titow is a very experienced tattoo artist, she has been in the industry for 12 years.                                   

For health and safety  Linda  has also completed  the Infection control certification C/N CR3633. Ensuring you are in safe hands and protected from any blood born illnesses that could be a risk during any cosmetic tattooing and tattooing procedure.